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the online home of the paper-and-staples photocopy zine MNEMONIC DEVICES.
writing, drawings, comix, diary, collage.

Wild Sage - comic based on the song by The Mountain Goats off the album Get Lonely. All words by John Darnielle. 

This is just my interpretation of the song, it’s probably nothing like what John had in mind when he wrote it. I think 15-501 is maybe in South Carolina actually? But I’ve never been to most of the places in TMG songs so I had to stick with what I know. 

Inspired by the highways of Wyoming and Eastern Montana where I’ve often seen crosses and sagebrush on the side of the road, and trailer parks off in the distance. 

This is the first thing I have ever digitally colored so if it looks ridiculous it’s because I don’t know how to do anything on a computer and am still learning.

Drawn by hand. 

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